Friday, April 14, 2017

Travel Diary: Malaysia (Part 1)

We arrived in Singapore on the 3rd of April and immediately left for Indonesia which was an hour travel via ferry. There wasn't much of Indonesia, we only stayed for a day before we headed back to Singapore to head to our next country destination. Singapore was between Malaysia and Indonesia. Batam, Indonesia was much like Philippines, most of what I saw was pretty much similar from where I live. There was not much to see, we had a guided tour and they only brought us to shops and one temple. Although I must say, Batam was really cheap. We spent around Php 2,000.00+ per head for hotel accommodations, guided tour+lunch. Great deal especially for the great food lol.

After we arrived in Singapore, we booked a 5-hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur. I must say, there is lots to love about Malaysia. Not only was I a fan of their food, their architecture was extremely eye-catching, not to mention their system. It is pretty much comparable to Singapore. I don't want to sound ignorant since it wasn't my first time traveling to another country, but I envy so much of Malaysia because everything out there was so much different from my hometown. Their means of transportation, their urban planning, their architecture, their shops (lol). Nevertheless, my home is where I love to live and where I am meant to be.
View from the bridge from our condo which was linked directly to the mall. Cool right?
Architecture was heavily influenced by religion. Muslims were dominant in this country (and guess who didn't eat pork for 5 days!!!)
We stayed for 5 days in Malaysia. From then on we did not rely on guided tours. We were mostly on our own. Commuting and walking and more commuting. It was really exhausting but I got the hang of it. Wayfinding was easy and I love that they provided a free city tour via bus. Even citizens were allowed to ride without spending a single cent. Way to go, KL!

I will be doing a separate post for my Petronas Twin Towers tour. Part 2 is coming up.

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