Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Conquering Osmeña Peak, Cebu

We initially planned to visit Dalaguete for our Thesis study until one of my friends told us we're heading for O-peak first. I was hesitant because ya know, strict parent problems. The plan was no more... until we actually arrived in Dalaguete.

So yeah, long story short we went there alright. The habal-habal charges you Php 200.00 from Poblacion to Mantalongon where the registration is, and vice versa. I know you could say it's a bit pricey but you'll eventually realize that a hundred for one-way is just enough. It's really really far, I even thought I could make it by just walking haha NO.
Osmeña Peak is probably every beginner’s top pick when it comes to trekking. It was my first time to climb this gorgeous mountain and I can see why everyone’s talking about it. You take a 30-minute ride from Poblacion + a 30-minute climb (if you’re not stopping by for some pictures), it’s super easy. I think we only stopped once to rest. 
Once you’re at the registration, you’ll have to pay Php 30.00. They’ll also provide you with a tour guide. I would recommend Alma. She has a lot of patience especially when climbers stop by for too long to take pictures. Best thing about her? She’d suggest the best angles, she’d even take pictures of you herself. Want that blogger photo? She can ace that.

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